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soul love

for the ties that bind..

18 November 1972
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by hayume

amir derakh is love


Teru and Hisashi are SOUL LOVE

Okay...its been like years since I rewrote this profile. I simply can't figure out what to say. *g*
But in anycase...teh name is currently Miri, I'm older than you. ;)~

My tastes are varied and random. I"m currently addicted to Julien-K. Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakhs wonderful new band. The new album will be coming soon . I can hardly wait! Go check them out, I've got a link where it says my website!

When I think of more to say, I'll be sure to add it, but currently I"m on 2.5 hrs sleep and its starting to drag me down. I'll probably be downloading music in my sleep.